Faith in Action Building Program

We are embarking on a decision to determine the

direction of our church, and the reaching of the lost in

our fast growing community.

I trust you know the importance of our church to our

neighbors and friends that live in the tri-county area.

Your participation in the Faith in Action Program will

determine how successful we will be in reaching our

goals set before us.

As your pastor and friend I want to ask you to examine

your heart toward the future of our church. Are you

interested in being part of doing something special for

God in these last days? Are you willing to join others in

an effort to accomplish the task that is before us and put

hrist first in everything that you do?

Prayerfully review this information and let us build a

church dedicated to our God.

          Sincerely your Pastor,

          S.D. Seaba

Our Faith in Action Through...


1 Thessalonians 5:17


Proverbs 3:5-6


Ecclesiastes 9:10


Malachi 3:10


Philipians 4:19

"... Let us rise up and build."

Nehemiah 2:18

Giving of our Means, Realizing our Dreams


God causes the need to exist.

(Matthew 16:18)

How wonderful to recognize that "God is the source!"  Our

church building need was brought into existence by God for

His glory.


God will never cause a need beyond

His ability to supply.

(Philippians 4:19)

As our Sourch, He is our provider for His supply.  How thrilling

to recognize that God has set His provision program into

operation using man.


God's provision is through His people,

usually through previous supply.

(Exodus 36:7)

By understanding and following there three Biblical principles,

we enter into partnership with God as a channel bringing glory

and honor to our Heavenly Father.

Phase 1 - Constructing a new worship facility

    The new worship facility includes:

  • a new 740 seat auditorium withthe ability to seat

      900+ utilizing the overflow areas

  • six new adult Sunday school classrooms
  • a secure children's area with five classrooms from

      nursery to 5 year olds

  • new and updated offices and restroom facilities
  • a new spacious foyer
  • expanding the current fellowship hall which will

      accomodate a banquet up to 400 people

  • brand new commercial grade kitchen facility

Phase 2

Elm Grove Baptist Church               15774 Linwood Rd.               Bonner Springs, KS  66012               913.441.3354