EGBC Goof-Off Group



You don't have to be retired to be a Goof Off....

You don't have to be 60 to be a Goof Off....

You don't have to be married to be a Goof Off....

You don't have to be single to be a Goof Off....


The Goof Offs are an adult group who enjoy organized (kind of) activities. Outing are scheduled every few weeks from April  through October and can range from a few hours at a baseball   game, to day-long excursions at regional attractions, to our annual three-day trip to Branson for shows and shopping. In the strict Baptist tradition, part of our fellowship almost always involves food and frequently involves shopping.


Email to sign up for our next excursion. You can meet us at the attraction or begin enjoying the fellowship and fun by traveling with us in one of our church vans.





Calendar of Evenets for 2017

( please keep in mind all events are subject to change)


March 11 KU Natural History Museum  -

$5 Donation


April 15 - Nelson Art Gallery 10am  - Free   


May 6 White Cloud Flea Market 7:30 am

White Cloud Kansas   


June 6 T-Bones 6:30pm  $8.50 a person


July 15 Big Creek Country Show 6:30pm

$12.00 Pleasant Hill MO 8pm curtain


Aug Gospel Concert - Kearney -Love Offering


Sep 30 Picnic - Larry & Debbie Angell


Oct 5-7 Annual Branson 7:30am 

          2 shows and shopping