Christy Miller, Secretary

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Dream vacation:

Taking My kids to Disneyworld

A romantic get away with just the hubby to Niagra Falls


Doing "special" projects they vary, I enjoy doing crafts with my kids, making things, a little sewing here and there. Love to cook,

My passion:

My Family, cooking, making others happy

Favorite hymn:

Day by Day

Happiness is...

Spending time with my family, wathching Drake play sports and violin, seeing my children get excited about God

When are you most aware of God's presence in your life?

During devotion time and morning prayer when the kids are asleep

My motto:

Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

Favorite hero:

Real life - My Grandmother Dorothy Peters

Biblical - Jesus

Favorite Bible verse:

Proverbs 3:5-6

What makes you laugh?

Sarcasm, some people don't know how to take me but, I come by it naturally. it is a blessing and a curse at times. And of course my children


Elm Grove Baptist Church               15774 Linwood Rd.               Bonner Springs, KS  66012               913.441.3354