B.I.G L.I.G.H.T.


 1 John 1:1-7


Do you feel overwhelmed? Do  you feel that there is no hope? Do you feel alone?

Do you feel that you have no purpose?


There are so many hurting in this world today, so we wanted to share with you the truth of B.I.G L.I.G.H.T and how that it has lessoned people's burdens, gave hope to the hopeless, gave reason to live and provided the greatest friend that we have ever known.

Believing in God Living in Grace, Hope and Truth


Believing in God is about relationship. it is not about saying a "get out of hell free" prayer or trying to measure up to a set of standards. This relationship

should be as real as any other relationship in your life. It is defined by it's personal nature that is present in every aspect of our lives.


Believing in God is deliverance from our own selves and dependence upon the One that loves us the most. This relationship gives us freedom on every level, from every pain, for every trial and from every problem that we face. God is familiar with our struggles and sufferings and has not left his children alone.


Believing in God allows us to live through Jesus Christ and his strength and power.

The abundant life promised by the Bible through this relationship is available to all that believe in God. This is not a normal life but an extraordinary life that is

full of God's Grace, Hope and Truth.


Believing in God gives us clarity in a world of confusion. We can experience God's Overwhelming grace to find forgiveness for our sin. God's unfailing hope reminds us that this current state is not our eternal state and that we have a wonderful reward awaiting us in Heaven. The truth of the Bible gives us direction for our life with the intent to guide us around the pot holes of life.


Believing in God is fulfilling God's plan for your life. God does not desire for you to struggle and feel that you are alone. The Bible teaches us that you are loved with an everlasting love that will never leave you or forsake you. Stop trying to measure up to a standard or allowing religion to make you right with God and begin a relationship with the God that created you with purpose and loves you eternally.


Your response to this truth can change your life.

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