Undone Teens

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Our Mission

The goal of Undone teens is to lift high the name of Jesus Christ, effectively evangelize to our community, and train up a new group of disciples to become the biblical leaders of tomorrow.

Lift up the name of Jesus Christ!

Every Sunday morning and Wednesday night we meet to worship Jesus through music and Bible preaching.

For more information on the Undone schedule, please see the church's calendar.

Evangelize to our community!

We want to reach out to all the teens in the towns around Elm Grove Baptist Church.  We want to spread the word of Jesus Christ and see as many people saved as we can.  This will include monthly community service projects.

Train up a new group of disciples!

The goal of Undone Teens is to train all the teenages that come into our youth group to become disiplined teenagers for God.  In just a few short years, the teenagers of today will be leaders of tomorrow.  Through Bible study and teen fellowship/hang out time, the Undone teen leadership wants to build up teens to be true disciples and to serve the Lord  by serving in the local church.

Elm Grove Baptist Church               15774 Linwood Rd.               Bonner Springs, KS  66012               913.441.3354